Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bing! You've got traffic


Hey there.. so I'm kind of floggin' my bloggin' here, but for a specific reason.

See, I have this seperate blog of funny stuff.  Basically it was born as I didn't want to post joke after joke in my personal blog.  (fyi, bLErg is a sock puppet, hehehe, yeah I'm a bit weird).  So if it's a few funnies you're after, I highly recommend it :-)

Anyway, I posted a funny photo about Lady Gaga Egg Costume at Grammys.

Recently I've made a killing via the image search engine of bing.com.  My traffic spiked for a short time, but then it went down again.  Got about 120 hits in 5 hours, but thats about it.

Weird, I'm trying to start a discussion if other people have suddenly noticed the same thing.  Perhaps we can help each other out!

Have you been binged? Does image search traffic peeve you off like it does me?

I don't get it. Damn you Internet!!

- tork