Monday, March 7, 2011

My life, the Amatuer Blogger


I think I have done everything a blogger shouldn't do.

I always read twitter, I read facebook, I jump into reddit, I fart about on StumbleUpon.

I've posted drivel for the sake of posting.

I watch my blog stats and constantly hit refresh.

If I get a view then I see if they commented.

Ooh, and I've used the word "I" 10 times so far! :-)

If you are an experienced blogger (a year or longer) you are more than likely nodding your head saying "Yeah, I've done all of those when I was first starting out".

The problem is, yes, I admit it.  I.. am a consumer.

I'm addicted to social media and my blog stats. I pace around my keyboard just watching, hoping, that people like my blog and follow or subscribe to it.

Spending time on social media is starting to eat into my time of typing away a killer post that will bring me to my goal of a guzillion followers. 

I need to spend less time consuming and more time producing cracker content for my people! :-)

If I just try to limit my Twitter(s), Torkona3, funnybLErg and Adelaide_SA (*sigh*) and other social media to say 30 mins at night, I could become a better blogger.

The first step to overcome an addiction is to admit to it though, right? :-)

I think I'm slowly getting there with my latest blogspot Adelaide and South Australia blog. But I'm still slipping into bad habits.

Are you a social media addict? How do you fight the urge to consume?

- tork