Friday, March 11, 2011

Tork's secret entry to the Aussie Bloggers conference?


Seems to be a certain Aussie Bloggers conference going around.

I jump from one blog to another and there it is, someone going to the bloggers conference.
I personally think this is a fantastic idea, but also frickin' scary hehehe.

I want to do a little experiment and see how far it gets me.

Yes I've only had this blog for three months, but I'd like to see how many eyes and ears I've reached in that time.  I know a lot of folks follow me that are going to this conference, so here's what I want to try and do.

Ask anyone there 'What do you think of Torkona? Isn't he a spunk?"

No, no, thats not quite right.. make it this:

Ask anyone 'Have you read Torkona's blog?'

Why? Because.. I want to go :-(

Reading it all over the blogsphere, it sounds like the place to be.  By getting a little chatter is, maybe, my way of being there.

Who knows, perhaps once I get more readers/followers and increase my word of mouth in the Mummy/Daddy blogger world, I may appear.

But for now, I will keep to my kind of anonymity.  Keep you guessing of Torkona :-)  Hell, none of you know what age I even am!  Hmm, what age do you think?

Anyhoo, I'm jealous, so for those that are attending the Aussie bloggers conference, enjoy.  For those that aren't, join me for a virtual pint of beer over on Twitter ;-)

- tork