Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our baby might be small but THANK GOD it's not a whopper!


 (photo from

Woah, check this baby born 5 days ago in Victoria.  He's already a big boy!

Born weighing 5.75kg (thats 12.7 pounds), baby Jasper came into this world the size of a four month old.

Ooch! Now hopefully my wife will be much happier that we have an average/low sized baby!

Congratulations to the proud parents of Jasper. Read full article here

Quick update on our bubs: baby is doing great. Fluids have doubled, baby has had growth to be about average size (just below), was last shown in feet first position though.

But all this means we are looking good to not giving birth to a baby with under-developed lungs.

Ahh the stress newborns put on you :-)  Excitement is starting to set in!

Anyone have any stories of premature births they wish to share?

- tork