Monday, March 21, 2011

My major blog killer, how you can avoid it


This is a follow on from Need blogging advice? I'll tell you what I've learnt.

Experts say "To have great traffic to your blog, you need great content".

Yeah, that is pretty much true.  The better your content is, the more people will subscribe or follow you.  But, you could write the world's most fantastic post on 'Why you should never say the name Beetlejuice three times' or 'Why Monkeys are just so damn cute', without the followers/subscribers, no one is going to know about it!

This is how I thought.  So, I would sit on social media outlets to try and get my links out there to create traffic.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon are great if you have enough friends/followers, otherwise reddit is a very handy source as well.  I would try to write posts that I thought were both hilarious and entertaining.  Look at my post about how I want a hoverboard. Gawd, how embarrassing.

I had fun writing that. I wrote it after an obsessive weekend with the Back to the Future movies.  Anyway, it basically went dead in the water, with hardly any pageviews and zero comments (as of writing this post at least). So, I wanted to try and increase my traffic via social media.

Every post of mine to this day is sprayed across the social media land, via twitter or facebook especially.  This is fine (and highly recommended), but the overall time I used to spend on these social media sites was eating into my creativity.  I had become ...a consumer...

I was a consumer, much like how a cow spends it's day chewing grass over and over, I would spend 1-2 hours chatting on twitter,  reading reddit funnies, stumbling random pages, sitting there watching my website stats for new traffic.  I was just that fat cow not ..producing.. the beautiful cream people would love.

But just like a cow, you can't produce your cream of the crop posts without a bit of help.  Someone has to help you to produce the goods.  Like I said previously in My biggest blogging mistake in my first 3 months.  By following and subscribing to bloggers with experience that have been through what I was experiencing, I learnt that producing quality content is the vital key.  I know social media is essential to spreading the word of your posts, but keeping a limit of no more than 20-30 minutes is the best advice I can give bloggers when using social sites.

To summarize:
  • Produce, dont consume!
  • Follow experienced bloggers
  • Ooh, and take you time to review before publishing that post of yours.

Just don't forget, 20-30 minutes at the most on social sites.  After that, you can write your great posts until the cows come home! Then, watch the traffic flow in when word spreads that you have the best cream in town!

(No analogies or puns where hurt in the making of this post)

- tork