Thursday, March 10, 2011

My secret: It's time to tell the truth


Well, I guess it is time to tell the truth.

Yes my followers, I have been cheating on you, with another blog.

Don't get me wrong, I still love you all and I hope that this doesn't come between us.  I have time for both of you!

Hahaha, enough of the analogy :-)

I mentioned fleetingly in a previous post I am addicted to twitter and have another twitter account @Adelaide_SA. Well, this is for my new blog, the Adelaide and South Australia blog.

The new blog is exactly about what the title suggests.  It hopefully will be a lot more structured and better presented than current Tork blog-ness :-)

I've decided I should try to help people further with something that I know a lot more about, which is the state that I live in.  Yes I've been posting on my personal blog about pregnancy via the dad (aka me), gaming stuff, blog help, but all these I am still very much a novice at.  I post these things to entertain, to help others learn and to share experiences.  My personal blog is about my journey of Tork.  But dont worry for those that care, I will still be here posting about why twitter sucks, why twitter rocks, what smells that will eventually emit into the air around my first born and more songs to just chill back to.

But I am also passionate about my city and state, which is why I want a separate blog. At the moment, I am seeking a bit of exposure, so tell your friends! :-)  oh wont you? Especially your Adelaide ones hehehe..

I hope you like it, tell me what you think!

- tork