Monday, May 16, 2011

Best of Eurovision 2011 Germany

Yes, I love Eurovision.  With little sleep and one large mug of coffee, I got through the whole show!  Here were my favourite countries.

Best Eurovision Performances 2011


Song was very good.  I do enjoy a tinkle of the ivories and the big band style.  Very unique sound from the whole night.


A very now song. It was wicked. Reminded me of Chemical Romance in a way. Enjoyed it!


These guys came last. I thought they are great! Ukulele's are awesome :) Why did Switzerland come last? I got no idea! Do you think they deserved it?


The hosts for this year's Eurovision 2011 was Germany. Lena last year was my favourite (and everybody's fave!). Lena came back for this sultry number that was so very awesome. Loved it.

Top 3 Eurovision songs 2011

Here are my top 3 favourites from the night.

Ireland - Jedward - Lipstick

Voted by Australians to be the very best of the night was Ireland. I thought they were the third best. Great song, great performance, great costumes.. great hair hehehe.

Moldova - Zdob & Zdub - So Lucky

I love the crazy acts each year. These guys were one of the most out there groups. But I actually loved their song, as well as their weird fairy girl on a unicycle :-) My second fave act of the night.

Iceland - Sjonni's Friends - Coming Home

Hands down, best song of the night. Originally it were to be sung by a dude called Sjonni, but tragically early in the year he died. His friends decided to put their hands up to still do his song. So six of his pals, coincidentally awesome singers, got together to sing this moving song for their friend that recently passed away.

Great work, and my favourite for the night!

So, who was the actual winner of Eurovision 2011 Germany? Some country called Azerbaijan. I didn't think it was very good. It was okay I guess, but it was as if Jennifer Lopez and her Ricky Ponting look alike son sang an awkward 'romantic' song to each other. I guess I should show it to you, here it is:

Now we look forward to Eurovision 2012 in Azerbaijan. Let me get the Atlas so I can find out where the f*ck that is!

- tork