Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad first weeks as a Father

Everyone's has been asking me for an update on how fatherhood is going.

Well, I've been spewed on, peed on, pooed on..  I really must stop drinking!

But seriously folks, it has been a mad house.  I have come to the point where I get spewed on and I don't change my clothes.  Last night, little monkey boy went the vom on one of my shirts.  I woke up still wearing the same shirt.

The definition of being used to having a new baby in your life is exactly that.  If you are spewed on and don't change your clothes immediately when it is possible to, then you've settled in to parenting.

The First Few Weeks of Parenting

When we finally brought baby home, we were madly crazy running around the house sorting out our shit.  Now we run like a well oiled machine.

Diapers on hand? check
Wipes on hand? check
Industrial strength goggles to prevent piss in face? check

One thing I have learnt in the first few weeks is with a boy, learn to change diapers fast.  When jr Wang points outwards into the air, it often gets used for number ones.  I haven't really been hit too bad, but it is an awfully tricky task to drain urine from a young boy's ear without getting anything wet.

Apart from slowly becoming a Kung Fu master at twisting, turning and applying diaper's at record speed, everything else has been great.  Our only problem was learning how to feed the little tacker.  He is bottle fed and due to his original weight, he needs to put on a lot more weight.

When we were told he has only put on half the amount of weight that he was required to, we were kind of puzzled.  He is a bit spilly, but not that much to not be putting on weight.

We improved our feeding technique to not let as much air in when feeding.  Wish we were originally showed how to feed properly.  We were required to get 80g weight increase.  He put on double the amount of that.

So we are kicking along well and I am learning very quickly.  I must perfect my diaper chaninging technique still though to become a black belt in changing times.  I am also perfecting the skill of the "sniff before agree to change" move, but don't tell my wife about that one.

It still is so very surreal though.  It still hasn't sunk in.  I think as soon as I hear "Da-da", then it will most definitely have sunk in.

Until then I am teaching him how to burp like his dad.  You should see his eyes pop out of his head when I do it ;-)

- tork