Friday, May 6, 2011

The first few days as dad

The first few days as a father so far have been crazy.

Yee-oiks! Hehehehe

Awesome having your own mini-me around the place.  And he's so so very small.

Man he's noisy though.  Snores, eats too fast and breathes as if he's run a marathon, farts, burps, cries.

Love it.

Had a moment though where he was in deep sleep and bubs couldn't be woken no matter what we could do.  Took a minute to raise him.  He had been thrashing and restless for many hours though previous, so he was very tired.  Still, was kinda scary not being able to wake him up.  Something we'll keep an eye on.  If it happens again, off to the quacks, but after being looked over he seems fine.

Overall, it is surreal.  Still hasn't sunk in.  At least we're getting plenty of sleep! Seriously, we are!

Getting a few more smiles out of him too.  Looking forward to many more :-)

Can you remember you first few days as a parent? Any flash backs that you might want to share?

- tork