Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RIP Toshiba Laptop

My old friend passed away recently.  My Toshiba Laptop.

Ahh the memories.  Of days playing the Civilisation series, to time wasted with Seinfeld DVDs, to studying back in my college days.   Yeah, I actually studied.

Now, I need a new one.

How can I land myself in a cafe and wirelessly blog and surf the net without one?

How can I plug my laptop into my 50inch plasma to play disbanded arcade games if it doesn't work any more?

Oh woe is me.. If I hadn't got that virus.. If I didn't have stupid Windows XP..  If I didn't let my wife touch the bugger (teehehe), maybe all would be right in this world.

I am going to miss my laptop.  The little chew marks on it reminded me of the days when my dog was a little puppy  :'(

So now I need a new one, but you think I can afford one?  Pffft, no way Hose A (or Hose B even).

*kneels down*

Oh ye Internet Gods.. I pray for light to shine upon me to bring forth a new bright and shiny laptop, of which I will care for and love and blatantly flog on my blog.

I promise to be a good nerd and will always go to keep raids for the greater good!

Please see it to be! I will forever be greatful!


RIP Lappy.. (unless I figure out a way to fix you).

- tork