Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winner of the 2nd Torkona Award is..

After reading numerous parent bloggers, the winner of the 2nd ever Torkona Award has been chosen.

This time, the award is to highlight blogger's first born birth stories.

Having recently become a parent myself, I found it a very appropriate theme.

You can read my own first born birth story: Finally, I am a dad. Leave me a comment if you think I should have won my own award :-)

The requirements of this blogger award to summarise were:

Your first born birth story with a total score of out 31 based on four different criteria.
  • a possible ten points for creativity
  • a possible ten points for how hilarious you are
  • a possible ten points for a heart warming story
  • one brownie point (for posting award image link)

And the winner is..

*insert drum roll here*


She has fit every category of creativity, humour and heart warming story with her post Torkona wants to read my first born birth story. And yes, I did.

Visit her post and perhaps follow her blog.  She's quite funny and a great blogger as well.  Top marks go for having priorities of watching such quality TV programming like 'So You Think You Can Dance' instead of worrying too much about labour pains. Too bad you missed the end of the show!  Great creativity with the photo collage, which was unique of all the entries.

Good idea going for the brownie point also, it got you over the line!  Something I would recommend for future torky awards!

So well done mum in search. Here's is the other part of your prize, my second ever trophy.

Ten runners up are as follows, each with links to their birth stories for everyone to read.

A field of dreams My if journey
Tara Birth story bandwagon
Taryn First born story
lifeasmummymax Our 1st born Elaina
Tracy Arrival of Cassidy
Crap Mamma From birth plans to toilet plungers
Reservoir Dad Enter the Torkona Award
parentwin First story of my first borns
Kellie Sienna Jade
Madmother God of Obstetrics

Thank you to all that entered.  I enjoyed finding a few new blogs as well as reading all your birth stories.

Don't forget to follow/subscribe for the next installment of The Torkona Award.  It is getting bigger and bigger, so who knows what can be next!

- tork